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Digital Magnetic Speed Sensors

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Digital Magnetic Speed Sensors
SPECTEC’S digital magnetic sensor couples a magnetic sensor to digital signal conditioner in one compact unit. This provides a constant logic-level shaped pulse, signal amplitude output, improved signal-to-noise ratio, usability at low and high RPMs and a greater air gap between the sensor and the actuator.

The digital magnetic sensor’s internal A/D converter creates a digital output signal from the magnetic pickup’s analog signal created by the excitation due to a passing target, such as a vehicle’s rotating gear or a cotter key slot, that can be read by counters, meters or governing instrumentation.

An internal temperature probe is available, which is positioned near the center of the face of the sensor for a dual output variation. A variety of probe types and sense positions are available.

SPECTEC digital magnetic speed sensors are found in high pressure installations, in the oil fields and oil terminals around the world, and rugged applications in truck and industrial equipment.

Active Magnetic Speed Sensor Specifications

DIGISPEC VR Sensors - Digital Magnetic Speed Sensor

Supply Voltage (Vs): 3.5 – 30 Vdc @ 20 mA
Pulse Out (Vo): 0 – Vs, 0 – 5V (TTL), 0 – 10 V, Open Collector (NPN or PNP)
Frequency Range: 0 – 30 kHz (Std), 100 kHz (Special order)
Air Gap: 0.03″ Typical; 0.50″ Max. depending on target mass and velocity.
Temp. Ranges: 2TE: -40° to 240° F (-40° to 120° C)
3TE: -49° to 284° F (-45° to 140° C)

5/8, M16 Sensors: Models 0090/0091

Thread Size: 5/8-18 UNF, M16
Thread Length: 1.25″ to 10″ (32 to 250 mm)

PDFDownload 0090/0091 Sensors Specs

Active Magnetic pickup

11/16 Sensors: Models 0092/0093

Thread Size: 11/16-24 UNEF
Thread Length: 1.1″ to 3.5″ (28 to 89 mm)

PDFDownload 0092/0093 Sensors Specs

magnetic digital speed sensors

3/4, M18 Sensors: Model 0094

Thread Size: 3/4-16 UNF, 3/4-20 UNEF, M18
Thread Length: 1.0″ to 10″ (25 to 250 mm)

PDFDownload 0094 Sensors Specs

Active magnetic pickup

DIGISPEC Digital Magnetic Speed Sensor Applications:

Applications of digital magnetic sensors are in vehicle speed sensors, wheel speed sensors, and tachometers and applications demanding very accurate signal detection. Digital magnetic sensors are also used with targets such as: slotted wheels, blade tips, sprockets, conveyor belts and bolt heads.

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