RF Eddy Current Speed Sensors

RF Pickups

These RF sensors can sense ferrous steel and aluminum targets at large distances and low speeds. They cannot sense through ferrous steel and aluminum but can sense through thick walls of non-magnetic stainless steel and other non-magnetic materials. A digital output (square wave signal) is produced at the same rate as targets passing by. Typical usage is speed sensing of flowmeter turbine blades.

A driver circuit is required for the sensor to operate. Sensors can be provided as a sensing coil with a remote driver circuit or with the circuit integrated into the sensor housing.

Intrinsically Safe and Explosion/Flame Proof versions are also available for Hazardous Locations. In some applications this sensor type can be replaced by an Amplified Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor or Hall Effect Zero Speed Sensor.


  • Flow metering
  • Oily, wet, and harsh environments

Data Sheets

See the Data sheets below for sensor details and options.

RF Sensing Element (requires separate Driver Circuit)

3/8” & M10 mounting thread 0050 Bulletin
1/2” & M12 mounting thread 0051 & 0052 Bulletin
5/8” & M16 mounting thread 0054, 0055, 0064 & 0065 Bulletin
11/16” mounting thread 0059, 0060 & 0066 Bulletin
3/4” & M18 mounting thread 0061 & 0062 Bulletin

RF Driver Circuit (requires separate Sensing Element)

Digital output, Puck or In-line style 4013 & 4014 Bulletin
FTC/FTV output, Puck Style 4016 Bulletin

RF Sensor with integrated Driver Circuit

5/8” & M16 mounting thread 0095 & 0096 Bulletin
11/16” mounting thread 0097 & 0098 Bulletin
3/4” & M18 mounting thread 0099 Bulletin

Alternative Products

Variable Reluctance Speed Sensors with separate Signal Amplifiers (Pre-Amps) can be used in high temperature environments to keep the amplifier in a cooler area.

Amplified Variable Reluctance Sensors integrate an amplifier circuit built into the sensor housing. These sensors offer a wide range of digital output options.

Hazardous Locations Sensors for use in explosive atmospheres are also available.