Signal Amplifier


Signal amplifiers are used to transform the sinusoidal output of a Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor to a digital output (square wave signal) at the same rate as targets passing by.

Several housing options are available. Puck styles can be mounted in electrical cabinets or dropped into many conduit elbows and enclosures. Plug-in styles can mount directly to VR Speed Sensors with connectors. Compact In-line styles can be added into wiring bundles or inside conduit.

A Noise Cancelling Amplifier with additional noise filtering is also available for critical applications. This version also offers two separate output signals for driving two different systems or for prover applications. An optional third output can be included which can be optically isolated.

A special Directional Sensing Signal Amplifier can be used with two appropriately placed VR Speed Sensors to determine a target’s speed and direction of rotation.

Intrinsically Safe and Explosion/Flame Proof versions are also available for Hazardous Locations.


  • Flow metering
  • Engine speed (crank and flywheel)
  • Conveyor / Process speed
  • Process counting
  • Retrofit new electronic systems to older equipment

Data Sheets

See the Data sheets below for signal amplifier details and options.

Puck, Plug-in, & In-line styles 4022, 4023, & 4024 Bulletin
Noise Cancelling Amplifier 4021 Bulletin
Directional Sensing Amplifier 4033 Bulletin

Alternative Products

Amplified Variable Reluctance Sensors integrate an amplifier circuit into the sensor housing. These sensors offer a wide range of digital output options.

Signal Converters can convert sinusoidal and digital signals to constant current or voltage at a specific flow rate.

Digital Scalar can multiply or divide both sinusoidal and digital signals to adjust the frequency through an LCD interface. It can also optionally convert to analog current or voltage signals.

Hazardous Locations Sensors for use in explosive atmospheres are also available.