Parts and Accessories

SPECTEC offers many accessories for our sensors and signal conditioners. Standard items are listed below. Custom accessories can also be manufactured to fit specific needs.

Conduit Enclosures & Housing Adapters

Several Signal Amplifiers and Signal Converters are designed to “drop-in” or mount in Conduit Enclosures. Each conditioner is designed for direct fit in either Killark Y style, Appleton ELBY style, or Crouse-Hinds GUA style enclosures. Housing Adapters are available to allow Signal Amplifiers and Signal Converter to fit in different enclosures or mount into electronic panels. Adapter kits are also available to mount most Signal Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners to common DIN rail systems.
See the Data sheets below for enclosure and adapter details and options.

Enclosures and Adapters 4001 Bulletin

Power Supplies

The Universal Power Supply is designed to convert standard 120 VAC wall outlet power to a stable DC power source for Signal Amplifiers and Signal Conditioners. It could also be used with powered sensors such as Amplified Variable Reluctance Speed sensors, RF Eddy Current sensors, and Hall Effect Zero Speed sensors. Available with or without an enclosure and several connection options.
See the Data sheets below for Power Supply details and options.

Power Supply 4101 Bulletin

Intrinsically Safe Barriers

Intrinsically Safe Barriers are required for use with both passive and active Intrinsically Safe Certified Sensors. They are placed in the safe zone and provide the electrical protection for the sensor electronics to prevent sparks and hot surfaces in the hazardous area.

See the Data sheets below for Barrier details and options.

Safety Barrier 4003 Bulletin

Connector and Cable Assemblies

For sensors with connector style termination, mating connector and cable assemblies are used to connect to the power supply or other equipment / instrumentation. Many cable lengths and termination styles are available. A mating connector only is also available for use the custom wiring harnesses.

See the Data sheets below for mating connector / cable assembly details and options.

MO, MS, MO3, & MS3 Connector Styles 3000 Bulletin
B, B4, & B6 Connector Styles 3001 Bulletin
MC3 & MC5 Connector Styles 3004 Bulletin
MD4 & MD6 Connector Styles 3005 Bulletin
PF3 & PF4 Connector Styles 3006 Bulletin
NPT Adapter Assembly with Connector 3059 Bulletin

Jam Nuts

Most sensor types are supplied with one stainless steel jam nut for the mounting thread. Additional jam nuts can be purchased separately. Standard nuts as well as custom jam nuts are available on request. Please Contact Us for availability.

Targets and Magnets

In most cases, a sensor is chosen to detect a pre-existing target. If a target is needed, a standard timing gear or magnet wheel will suit many applications. Custom targets can be manufactured. Magnets can also be purchased to embed in customer specific targets or components for use with magnet triggered Hall Effect Zero Speed Sensors. Please Contact Us for a quote.