Aerospace to Subsea

Airplane Sensors and Signal Conditioners / Converters 

SPECTEC pioneered specialty speed sensors and signal conditioners able to withstand high vibration and wide temperature swings. These specialty sensors are typically installed on precision flow meters used to measure fuel consumption or hydraulic system performance. Some variants are used in turbopump speed applications and others used for landing gear speed measurements.

Both Boeing and Airbus use our sensors, as well as Cessna and Learjet.

Helicopter Sensors

Standard and custom speed sensors have been developed and supplied for helicopters. These sensors were designed to meet and exceed helicopter performance requirements. Both connector and cable sensor types are designed to operate in hot and high vibration environments. SPECTEC can develop highly specialized sensors to meet stringent design requirements.

Rocket Sensors and Signal Conditioners

Starting with speed sensors and signal conditioners on the Saturn V launch pad and turbo speed rocket engine sensors for various rocket engines, SPECTEC has pioneered high vibration and extreme temperature resistant sensors used and reused on recycled rockets.

International Space Station Sensors

SPECTEC has a large number of custom speed and position sensors on various experimental scientific equipment, which have been in service since 2004.

Subsea and Marine Sensors

SPECTEC is supplying speed sensors and signal conditioners for service on ocean floor equipment at 10,000 feet below sea level as well as seaworthy speed and position sensors on board of ocean-going vessels.


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