Digital Scaler

Multiplier, Divider, K-factor Scaler

Digital Scalers are used to apply a single multiplier or single divisor (K-factor) to a frequency-based signal to adjust the frequency.

Signals from Variable Reluctance or RF Eddy Current sensors can be directly accepted with the appropriate options. All models accept a digital signal from Hall Effect sensors as well as Signal Amplifiers.

A wide range of integer values can be used for multiplication or division on the 4057 model. This model also has the option to incorporate both FTC & FTV conversion circuits (e.g. 4-20 mA or 0-10V Analog output signals) as an output signal.

The 4057D can multiply with a smaller range of decimal values (from .001 to 100, up to three decimal places). This model can only produce a digital output signal.

All settings can be adjusted and current readings viewed through an integrated LCD screen.

Available in a puck style housing that can be mounted in electrical cabinets or conduit enclosures.


  • Flow metering
  • Engine speed (crank and flywheel)
  • Conveyor / Process speed
  • Retrofit new electronic systems to older equipment

Data Sheets

See the Data sheets below for signal converter details and options.

Digital Scaler

Digital Scaler, decimal

Alternative Products

Signal Amplifiers (Pre-Amps) are used to transform the sinusoidal signals of VR Speed Sensors to a digital output (square wave signal).

Signal Converters can convert sinusoidal and digital signals to constant current or voltage at a specific flow rate.