Transportation & Heavy Equipment

Locomotive Wheel Speed and Traction Sensors

SPECTEC has developed custom and OEM ruggedized replacement locomotive speed and traction control sensors for railroad applications, including discontinued and obsolete types. Available with traditional Variable Reluctance and Amplified Variable Reluctance Speed sensing technologies, most Railroad sensors can also be upgraded with Hall Effect Zero Speed sensing elements. These rugged sensors are offered both with heavy duty cable-connector and integrated connector interfaces, designed to meet stringent environmental specifications for cold, hot, humid, and oily environments.

Heavy Equipment Sensors

SPECTEC has also developed custom and OEM heavy duty ruggedized sensors for construction equipment, like traction control replacement sensors for Hitachi Trucks and other large mining trucks. Heavy Equipment sensors are also found on powertrains, hydraulic systems, and various marine applications. Replacements for sensors which have been discontinued by the OEM manufacturer can also be manufactured.

These sensors are also available with directional capabilities or redundant pulse-streams for higher signal integrity.

Diesel Engine & Generator-Set Speed Sensors

SPECTEC also manufactures speed sensors for Diesel engines, generator sets and powerplant drives. Heavy duty stainless-steel upgrades are provided, replacing the aluminum and plastic injection molded OEM sensors often used on later model engines and powertrains.

Check the Parts Cross Reference for popular upgrades and replacements. These sensors are used in diesel truck engines and diesel generators from Cummins, Caterpillar, and several other manufacturers. Engine governor systems from Woodward and American Governor are another common application.

MIL-Spec Speed Sensors

SPECTEC has been manufacturing variable reluctance sensors for government applications since 1994, like armored vehicles on the ground and helicopters for airborne service.


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