• Variable Reluctance Speed Sensors - Mag-Pickups / VRS Pickups

    Variable Reluctance Speed Sensor

    Mag-Pickups / VRS Pickups

    These passive sensors generate their own sinusoidal signal at the same rate as targets passing by. They are used in a wide range of applications for speed sensing of ferrous targets (gears, flywheels, turbine blades, etc.).

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  • Amplified Variable Reluctance Sensors

    Amplified Variable Reluctance Sensors

    Digital Magnetic/VRS Pickups

    These active sensors include a built-in amplifier in a Variable Reluctance Sensor. A wide range of digital output options are available.

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  • RF Eddy Current Speed Sensors

    RF Eddy Current Speed Sensors

    RF Pickups

    These RF sensors are able to sense through thick walls of non-magnetic stainless steel or other suitable materials. They can detect standard and exotic target materials without magnetic drag or interference.

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  • Hall Effect Zero Speed Sensors

    Hall Effect Zero Speed Sensors

    Hall, Zero Speed

    These active sensors are available in two separate configurations for sensing either magnets or ferrous targets. A wide range of digital output options are available for applications requiring speed, quadrature, or direction.

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  • Amplifiers Signal Conditioning tools

    Amplifiers & Signal Conditioning

    Pre-Amps, Signal Conditioners

    SPECTEC offers several options for amplifying, converting, and conditioning of frequency signals from existing sensors or other output devices.

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  • Temperature Sensors

    Temperature Sensors

    RTD, NTC Thermistor, Thermocouples

    SPECTEC offers a range of temperature sensing elements in custom housings for cryogenic, high pressure, or specialized applications.

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  • Hazardous Location Sensors

    Hazardous Locations Sensors

    Intrinsically Safe and Explosion Proof

    SPECTEC offers its sensors and signal conditioners for standard and custom applications with Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof certifications to North American, ATEX, UKEX, or IECEx standards.

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  • Accessories for sensors and amplifiers


    For sensors and amplifiers

    Mating connectors and cable assemblies, jam nuts, magnets, targets, brackets. Power supplies, rail mounts, conduit housings. Specialized test stations and custom accessories.

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