Amplified Variable Reluctance Sensors

Digital Magnetic/VRS Pickups

These active sensors include a built-in amplifier in a Variable Reluctance Sensor. A digital output (square wave signal) is produced at the same rate as targets passing by. They are used in a wide range of applications for speed sensing of ferrous targets. Flowmeter turbine blades, power transmission and timing gears, engine flywheels, bolt heads, and shaft keyways are typical targets.
Low drag versions are available for use with flow metering of low viscosity fluids and gases. Intrinsically Safe and Explosion/Flame Proof versions are also available for Hazardous Locations. In many other cases, this sensor type can be replaced by a Hall Effect Zero Speed Sensor.


  • Flow metering
  • Engine speed
  • Anti-lock braking systems (ABS)
  • Traction Control systems
  • Conveyor / Process speed
  • Oily, wet, and harsh environments
  • High-pressure

Data Sheets

See the Data sheets below for sensor details and options.

Data Sheets

5/8” & M16 mounting thread 0090 & 0091 Bulletin

11/16” mounting thread 0092 & 0093 Bulletin

3/4” & M18 mounting thread 0094 Bulletin

Alternative Products

Variable Reluctance Speed Sensors with separate Signal Amplifiers (Pre-Amps) can be used in high temperature environments to keep the amplifier in a cooler area.

Hall Effect Zero Speed Sensors use a fully digital sensing technology that can replace Amplified Variable Reluctance Sensors in many applications.

RF Eddy Current Speed Sensors sense with no magnetic drag. For flow metering applications, this results in better sensing at low flow conditions.

Hazardous Locations Sensors for use in explosive atmospheres are also available.