Digital RF Sensors - Digital Flow Meter Sensor

Digital RF pickups for flow meter sensor applications.
Digital Flow Sensor – Low Drag, Low Flow Sensors

SPECTEC’s DIGISPEC RF pickup, or digital proximity sensor, is a modulated carrier RF sensor coupled with an analog to digital signal conditioner in one compact unit. RF speed pickups are perfect for low flow applications and situations that call for no magnetic drag on the target.

These digital RF flow meter sensors produce a digital frequency output directly proportional to the speed of the actuator (gear wheel or flow meter rotor).

Due to its zero magnetic drag on a ferrous target, the digital RF pickup is extremely useful on very sensitive mechanisms which would be negatively affected by a magnetic field. The internal amplifier provides a constant pulse shaping, signal amplitude, logic-level output, improved signal-to-noise ratio, and an air gap up to 0.25” between the sensor and actuator.

DIGISPEC Flow Meter Sensor Specifications

RF Pickup Sensors With Integral Amplifier - Digital RF Flow Sensors

Supply Voltage (Vs): 7 – 30 Vdc @ 10 mA
Pulse Out (Vo): 0 – Vs, 0 – 5V (TTL), 0 – 10 V, Open Collector (NPN or PNP)
Frequency Range: 0.5 Hz – 5 kHz (Std)
Air Gap: 0.16″ Typical depending on target mass & velocity.
Temp. Ranges: 2TE: -40° to 240° F (-40° to 120° C)

3TE: -49° to 284° F (-45° to 140° C)
Thread Length:1.25″ – 8.0″ (32 – 203 mm)

PDFDownload 0095/0096 5/8-18, M16 Sensors Specs

PDFDownload 0097/0098 11/16-24 Sensors Specs

Digital RF Pickups and Speed Sensors

Digital Turbine Speed Sensor

SPECTEC’s digital RF flow meter pickup has wide applications due to its ability to sense aluminum and 316 stainless steel targets, as well as the usual magnetic or ferrous targets. The digital RF sensors allow the detection of targets through a wall or window of 0.1” thick 300 series stainless steel. This attribute makes it ideal for applications where the target wheel (i.e. turbine rotor) needs to be detected through the wall of a pressure vessel.

SPECTEC’s digital turbine speed sensors are found in high pressure installations, dirty and oily installations in the oil fields around the world as well as in moist, corrosive and electrically noisy environments of ships at sea. Specialized digital RF pickups, such as Intrinsically Safe, dual output, additional output for temperature, hermetically sealed, sanitary and conduit mount are also available.

DIGISPEC RF Speed Sensor Applications:

Digital RF pickups are used for speed sensors, flow meters, and transmissions applications. Digital modulating carrier RF sensors meet the sensor requirements of flow meters, especially low flow situations, and turbine engines.

These sensors are also used in detecting micro-motion in the textile industry, and bearing run-out detection. The principle advantage of using the modulated carrier sensor technology is its ability to detect through a substantial non-magnetic metal wall and not exert any magnetic braking effect on the target. This attribute allows turbine meter rotors to spin freely, thus providing coverage of a much wider frequency range as compared to other sensing methods.

Specialized DIGISPEC RF Speed Pickups:

  • Intrinsically Safe digital RF pickups to Zone 0
  • Dual output flow meter sensors
  • Additional temperature output also available
  • Hermetically-sealed flow meter sensors and sanitary to NEMA 6, IP65 and IP67 for food processing applications

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